Big Shot

Lamu’s Floating Bar and Restaurant

The floating bar and restaurant is a go-to place for tourists in Lamu island. Its seclusion offers the much needed privacy for people looking for tranquility. Not many places in the island sell liquor due to its strong Islamic foundation, and as such, places like this floating structure is sanctuary for those who wish to catch their favourite drink.It’s floating is made possible due to the 200 pressurized drums beneath it. It is also anchored in the deep waters about 27 feet down, to ensure it remains in position. PHOTO: Chiimbiru Gimode

Lamu Old Town

Lamu Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage City. There are about five vehicles only on this island. Donkeys still remain the preferred mode of transportation in keeping with the rich cultural heritage of this town. Boda boda operators have also been barred from the centre of the town. Boats and ferries are the linkage between the island and the surrounding islands including Manda, that hosts an airport. PHOTO: Chiimbiru Gimode.

Crossing the Tana

Dug out canoes seen here on the shores of Tana River in Tana River County. These canoes help residents cross the crocodile infested river, which at 1,000km is the longest in Kenya, and a natural boundary of Tana River and Garissa Counties.PHOTO: Chiimbiru Gimode.

Hola Town,Tana River County

This is Hola town, the headquarters of Tana River County. This town has a rich historical significance. In 1959, 11 Mau Mau inmates were clobbered to death at the Hola Detention Camp for refusing to work at a nearby irrigation scheme. This consequential event, known as the Holla Massacre was instrumental in Kenya’s agitation for independence. PHOTO: Chiimbiru Gimode.

Season for Migration to the North

These two women in Bangali in the northern part of Tana River County set out to migrate to other areas in search for pasture for their livestock following a dry spell in the area. Camels play a critical role in ferrying their belongings. PHOTO: Chiimbiru Gimode.

The New Face of Mombasa

The new face of Mombasa.Besides the two tusks that are synonymous with the coastal city,these life size Big Five, now welcome you to Mombasa City somewhere near Makupa. This is the work done by Mombasa Cement company as beautification of the city. PHOTO: Chiimbiru Gimode.

The Bridge Over Wei Wei River

This bridge over the Wei Wei River in Sigor, West Pokot County in Kenya.This bridge has saved many lives that would be lost whenever this river, which traverses Pokot Central, floods, rendering this road impassable.PHOTO: Chiimbiru Gimode.

Crazy Manouvres on Kenyan Roads

The ongoing massive infrastructural projects in Nairobi are presenting huge challenges to motorists and general safety of road users. These barriers on James Gichuru-Rironi road around Kinoo area are an embodiment of the daily inconveniences facing motorists amid the ongoing construction activities.

Lodwar Airport: Opening up Northern Kenya for Business and Tourism

The Lodwar Airport in Turkana County, north-west Kenya. The facility has opened up Turkana County for increased business and tourism. Known by its International Air Transport Association (IATA) code LOK, this airport handles domestic flights, most of which originate from the Wilson Airport in Nairobi. Popularly known as the ”Cradle of Mankind,” Turkana County not only boasts of exceptional archeological sites, but is also home to Lake Turkana, the world’s largest desert and alkaline lake. PHOTO: Chiimbiru Gimode.

Sunset in the West

Magical sunset in Western Kenya…View from the vantage point of Chepkemel Hill, Uasin Gishu County. PHOTO: Chiimbiru Gimode